New Jersey: The Movie?

Veering a bit off-topic for the moment…

I NEED to see this!!!

Poor Steven J. Chernoski grew up in Ewing Twp., N.J. — an area of the state he calls Central Jersey. Apparently, he’s trying to discern the dividing line between North and South Jersey through a film project with two other collaborators, Alena Kruchkova […]

Staying cool in summer

Even though temperatures are still in the 70s, the heat of summer isn’t far off. And already, our apartment has been heating up during the day. I’d made my own heavy, dark curtains for the sunroom (which has EIGHT windows), the spare bedroom and the dining room, and installed shades on the ones in the […]

Emergency fund

One’s perception of money is a funny thing. Take, for instance, my early feelings on stashing cash in an an “emergency fund.” At the tender age of 19, in my first apartment, I apparently felt that $500 was sufficient in case some unexpected expense came up. Now add in the fact that my monthly rent […]

Cable TV

I came across this interesting story on

“Cable continues to sucker us”

It expresses the way I feel about my cable package — like Bruce Springsteen said (how out-of-date is this!), “There’s 57 channels and nothin’ on.” Now, there are hundreds of channels and nothing on. And we pay out the ear for the […]

Lunchtime dilemma

I’m sitting here, trying to talk myself out of getting in the car and driving to Target or Bed Bath and Beyond, or anywhere else that will suck the money from my wallet (and the gas from my car). My alternative to shopping is going outside and reading or playing my Nintendo DS. Yes, I’m […]

Everyone likes free stuff!

I’m taking a page from a friend of mine, who loves blogging about freebies whenever she gets a chance… The only catch is usually you get put on some sort of mailing (and e-mailing) list. I have a Hotmail account where I direct all of my “junk” mail, so it helps pare down the advertisements. […]

Neurotic coin-counting

Above, another fine example of my father’s slightly neurotic behavior. This time, it’s counting coins.

Does he just toss his spare change into a jar, like any Joe Schmo? Ha, how pedestrian!

No, the man has the need to neatly stack his coins on the kitchen table (which really serves as his desk).


Welcome back from the long weekend

Hope those of you who had a three-day weekend enjoyed it! Mine was more of a 2 1/2-day weekend, as the magazine world stops for no one. At least it was a shorter Monday night than usual…

Yesterday was a gorgeous day — until I had to fill up my gas tank.

The good news: […]

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