Everyone likes free stuff!

I’m taking a page from a friend of mine, who loves blogging about freebies whenever she gets a chance… The only catch is usually you get put on some sort of mailing (and e-mailing) list. I have a Hotmail account where I direct all of my “junk” mail, so it helps pare down the advertisements. Plus, if you’re lucky, they occasionally send coupons for the products!

Here are a few sites I’ve found that compile giveaways. Just be sure to only go to trusted web sites, since some of these links bring you to “survey” sites that make you jump through hoops to get that little sample. I’d advise sticking to samples offered through the manufacturer’s web site or other well-known sites.

Totally Free Stuff — Day-by-day grouping of freebies such as groceries, makeup and even magazines. Some not-so-great stuff is interspersed, so pick carefully!

Wal-Mart — Offers some free samples through the store, great if you shop there.

Free Samples Blog — Looks like lots of neat stuff here, like lotions, fabric softeners and more.

Sunsilk Hair Products — Choose which sample you’d like, and you get “$2 in gift cards.”

Dove — Lotions, hair care products.

I’ll have to do some more digging another day, but this will get you started!

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