Make your own headboard

A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted a headboard. I was using my grandmother’s bedroom set, but her bed was only a twin, and mine is queen-size. I had actually gone and ordered a nice bed frame (headboard, rails, footboard) from Levitz, but after 7-8 weeks of delivery delays, I’d had enough and cancelled the order.

Then I got to thinking: All I really want is a headboard. Why not make one myself?

All I needed was a piece of plywood cut to my particular dimensions, a piece of soft batting to stretch across the wood, a piece of fabric to cover that, and a few small tacks to secure everything at the back. Oh, and hooks and wires to hang it on the wall.

So a friend of mine and I went to Home Depot, had the wood cut, and covered it with the batting and material. Tapped a few hooks into the wall and secured a length of picture wire to the back of the board, and *poof* instant headboard.

Cost of bed bought from store: $600

Cost of do-it-yourself headboard: $45

Can’t beat the savings with a stick! Plus, it’s versatile — you can recover the wood with different material on a whim and change the entire look of your bedroom.

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