Neurotic coin-counting

Above, another fine example of my father’s slightly neurotic behavior.

This time, it’s counting coins.

Does he just toss his spare change into a jar, like any Joe Schmo? Ha, how pedestrian!

No, the man has the need to neatly stack his coins on the kitchen table (which really serves as his desk).

As you can see, the coins are separated by denomination, and further placed into neat stacks. If a stack is topped with a heads-up coin, that means that stack is completed (1 stack = 1/4th of the total needed for a roll). If the top one is tails-up, that means additional coins are needed before completion is reached.

Many times when I visit, Dad will have me root around in my purse and/or my car for that final nickel he needs to complete his “set,” so he can finish a roll and start anew. Naturally, the paper coin roll, once filled, is taped at both ends to prevent any change from escaping.

Now that’s dedication!

P.S. – He will only do this for nickels, dimes and quarters. Pennies get the “toss-in-a-jar” treament and are dealt with at a later time.

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