New Jersey: The Movie?

Veering a bit off-topic for the moment…

I NEED to see this!!!

Poor Steven J. Chernoski grew up in Ewing Twp., N.J. — an area of the state he calls Central Jersey. Apparently, he’s trying to discern the dividing line between North and South Jersey through a film project with two other collaborators, Alena Kruchkova and Andrei Litvinov (Poles and Russians, oh my — but I digress).

Watch the trailer for a giggle, and visit their site, New Jersey: The Movie!

As I will answer every time, South Jersey for me starts at the Union Toll Plaza. Obviously, that’s a cultural line, not a geographical one. Yes, at Exit 142. South of that, things (and people) start to get weird.

On a related note, I’m starting to get chills just thinking about gas prices once my friends and I start going “down the shore” (that’s a North Jersey-ism) as many weekends as we can manage!

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