Buying lunch vs. brown bagging

Okay, in terms of money, this one is a no-brainer. I’m all for ordering lunch once in a while, but I’ve noticed a number of co-workers order a salad or sandwich every day. Figure where I work, each day’s lunch costs about $10, with tax and delivery tip. That’s $50 weekly, and $2,600 per […]

Does using cruise-control increase gas mileage?

I’m not sure, but I’m currently conducting an experiment to find out. Using cruise control on NJ highways is tricky, especially during rush hour-types of traffic. Monday and today I’ve done it fairly successfully on Route 21 and Route 80 going to work, but it’s pretty much useless on the way home, unless Route 21 […]

Tuesday grocery shopping

I didn’t do too well on the coupon front today. Tuesday has been established as my grocery shopping day, since it’s my off day during the week. While I’ll have to factor in the $15 worth of stuff I had to pick up for my dad (including TEN jars of B&G relish, for my […]

Homemade oven cleaner

I’ve decided I need to tackle a dirty, annoying job around the house today: cleaning the inside of the oven. Sure, I’ve put it off (and off), but when I turn on the oven and it immediately starts to smell like something’s burning, it’s time.So, since I haven’t cleaned an oven in forever, and thus […]

Make your own headboard

A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted a headboard. I was using my grandmother’s bedroom set, but her bed was only a twin, and mine is queen-size. I had actually gone and ordered a nice bed frame (headboard, rails, footboard) from Levitz, but after 7-8 weeks of delivery delays, I’d had enough and […]

Increase your gas mileage

In the face of ever-increasing gas prices, I’ve taken the drastic step of easing off the accelerator in the hopes of conserving some gas — a bit difficult for someone with a lead foot like mine. While it tacks on a few minutes of travel time, so far I’ve noticed an increase in the […]

Saving pennies… literally

Oh, pity the much-aligned penny. Last I checked, it’s real money, correct? Then why do people feel the need to throw them on the ground (or worse)?

Last night, as I was throwing something into our kitchen garbage can, I sighted a lonely penny on the top of the heap. My boyfriend, never […]

Gas prices

I stopped to fill up my tank on the way home from work tonight and almost choked when I saw the total: $45! That was almost a full tank’s worth, 12.5 gallons. I remember the days when I could show up to the pump with $4 on me and actually get 4-5 gallons of gas […]

Store brands can be just as good — and cheaper

Following yesterday’s post, The Star-Ledger today had a story on the cover of its business section about buying store brands.

An excerpt:During a visit last week to five supermarkets in the New Brunswick and North Brunswick area, many shoppers appeared to not have store brands in their carts. Some said they were buying more items on […]

Savings accounts vs. CDs

While Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke continues to slash interest rates, making it easier for folks to afford loans and mortgages, savings interest rates have continued to come down. So that means you’ll have to work a little harder to save.

I know my bank’s regular savings account interest rate is a paltry .15% right […]

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