Store brands can be just as good — and cheaper

Following yesterday’s post, The Star-Ledger today had a story on the cover of its business section about buying store brands.

An excerpt:
During a visit last week to five supermarkets in the New Brunswick and North Brunswick area, many shoppers appeared to not have store brands in their carts. Some said they were buying more items on sale or using coupons more.

There are certain items I don’t mind buying off-brand. CVS’ contact lens solution works just as well as name-brands, and even ShopRite’s frozen french fries aren’t too bad compared to Ore Ida, which costs almost 3 times as much per bag. Offhand, I can’t even think of anything that I won’t buy the store brand of, so it doesn’t bother me too much.

Thoughts? Anything you will absolutely not buy unless it’s a certain name-brand?

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