The Story of Rainy-Day Saver

Rainy-Day Saver started as a way to talk about finances with other like-minded individuals. After reading a bunch of kick-ass personal finance blogs, I started sharing my stories on this blog and talking about my own financial situation.

Unlike many other bloggers, I’ve been lucky enough to not have super-major debt — a few thousand on a credit card has been my worst. However, I’ve always been a penny-pincher. Rainy-Day Saver is how I figure how to balance frugality and happiness.

A new marriage, a new car and a new home has led me to watch my finances even more carefully, and I enjoy sharing my journey with you. What began as a small blog has blossomed into a community where folks from around the world share their money struggles and triumphs, and I encourage you to keep sharing!

I hope you take away valuable information and insight from this blog and from the wonderful commenters that you can use in your own lives.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

– Nicole

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