Tuesday grocery shopping

I didn’t do too well on the coupon front today. Tuesday has been established as my grocery shopping day, since it’s my off day during the week. While I’ll have to factor in the $15 worth of stuff I had to pick up for my dad (including TEN jars of B&G relish, for my uncle) and his $1.20 in coupons, I only used $2 in coupons. Although by using my ShopRite Price Plus card and buying what was on sale, I saved another $11.70.

Another way to look at it, I bought 50 items, so the average price per item is $2. There were a few “big-ticket” items ($5.99 for 12 rolls of paper towels, which is a good deal, and a special purchase of asiago and brie cheeses for what will be our splurge on homemade grilled cheese sandwiches Friday after work), so that upped the order total.

All told, I saved 12.5% off my order. While that’s nothing to sneeze at, I think I can do better. Part of the problem was that I didn’t have coupons for the items I bought, no matter which brand I chose. I’ve noticed that a lot of the coupons are for overly-processed or convenience foods, which we rarely if ever use. They just don’t have deals on veggies and meat.

We’ll see what next Tuesday brings!
**My apologies for the John Madden-esque circles on my receipt!

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