Welcome back from the long weekend

Hope those of you who had a three-day weekend enjoyed it! Mine was more of a 2 1/2-day weekend, as the magazine world stops for no one. At least it was a shorter Monday night than usual…

Yesterday was a gorgeous day — until I had to fill up my gas tank.

The good news: My little experiment in using cruise control on the highways upped the miles I get from a full tank from 265-270 to 300 miles! Of course, that’s still only 24 mpg, up from little more than 21 mpg, but I saved a little more than $4, the price of one gallon of gas.

The bad news: The dinging noise I heard when I finally got down to “E” meant I had to fill up the tank again — $48 for 12.5 gallons! It made me want to scream.

I wish I could carpool to work, but that isn’t happening right now. And forget about mass transit — I think I’d have to take three buses, and it would take three times as long.

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