Red Hot score

My fiancé (boy, that sounds funny) loves to pour hot sauce down his throat as a drink, so I constantly need to keep a supply of Frank’s Red Hot on hand.

I made a good score at ShopRite on Tuesday — the medium-size bottle, normally $1.99, was on sale for $1.69, and I had a […]

Vacation on the cheap

We certainly didn’t conserve any money during our weekend jaunt to Boston. Most of our cash went to food — it may have been more than what the hotel room cost for two nights, seriously.

If we wind up going to Philly for a weekend, I’m pretty confident it will be much cheaper (thank you, […]

Now I really have to save

The boyfriend popped the question this weekend while we were up in Boston for the weekend. Now it’s time to really buckle down and stash cash in the bank! And negotiate prices with vendors…

Cheap antacid

I was all out of Tums or any other medicine that would help my awful stomachache last night. And then I remembered I had something in my pantry that would help: good ol’ baking soda.

It didn’t taste too hot, but I only had to mix 1/2 teaspoon in 4 ounces of water […]

Were our grandparents better at saving?

Another interesting article in The Star-Ledger on Tuesday. Columnist Mark DiIonno talks about the World War II generation in the context of them also living through the Great Depression and, as a result, becoming great savers.

They didn’t spend their money on frivolties — they squirreled it away for a rainy day.

“They were […]

Buying a house

How do people in the NYC/Northern New Jersey metro area do it? We have two incomes, no children and no outstanding debt, yet we’d have to be creative in managing a mortgage and property taxes. And what happens when a baby comes into the picture?

Apparently, you need to start saving early — like years […]


My poor 10-year-old cat, Krashy, has gotten all spastic. Ever since we saved Misfit from the cold, dark scary streets of Belleville (:::sarcasm:::), Krashy just hasn’t been the same. His back twitches when I pet him, and that makes him lick himself like a fiend. I think he thinks he’s itchy or something from the […]

Power is back!

My answering machine let me know my power was back on — I knew that if I called and it picked up, that meant the power had returned!

Luckily, we only had to throw out some beer, salad dressing and a leftover or two that I didn’t care about salvaging. It was a good opportunity […]

Storm nightmare

Our neighborhood has been without power since Tuesday night, when some ferocious thunderstorms made their way through Northern New Jersey. Since then, we’ve become gypsies, trying to save our cold food by porting it from our house to the “in-laws” house late Tuesday night. Then, when they lost power (apparently PSE&G deliberately shut off power […]

Freelancing vs. a full-time job

A full-time job has its advantages: benefits (medical, dental, 401k, paid holidays/vacation/sick time), and a steady paycheck. But I often wonder how it would feel live the life of a freelance writer — working at home in my pajamas, on my own time, being able to arrange my schedule however I liked.

While I do […]