My poor 10-year-old cat, Krashy, has gotten all spastic. Ever since we saved Misfit from the cold, dark scary streets of Belleville (:::sarcasm:::), Krashy just hasn’t been the same. His back twitches when I pet him, and that makes him lick himself like a fiend. I think he thinks he’s itchy or something from the spasms. So all of the extra licking/cleaning is giving him the hairballs from hell. Nothing like waking up in the morning and cleaning up a hairball first thing.

So, since the kitten has been has been beating up on Krashy (Misfit wants to play, Krashy wants to lounge), this behavior has just been getting worse. I bought something called Feliway , a cat pheromone spray that my vet suggested. It was $13 plus $6 shipping, but I couldn’t find it at any local pet stores. So we’re trying that to calm down our poor, anxious Krashy. Hopefully it’s a worthwhile investment!

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