Hot, hot, hot!

Hope everyone in the Northeast is staying cool. I can’t believe this weather — we’re going into Day 4 of 95-100 degree temperatures. My air conditioning is on full blast because it’s just too damn hot right now, and I can’t think about conserving energy until the temp in my apartment gets down to at […]

Affordable vacations?

Is there such a thing anymore? Seems like airlines are finding ways to put fees and surcharges on everything nowadays. Besides the initial indignity of having to actually pay for that terrible airline food, American Airlines announced it will begin charging $15 for a first bag checked –nevermind the usual fees for second bags. Add […]

Beach day

Four of us piled into my friend Alana’s car at 9 a.m. this morning and ventured down to North Beach at Asbury Park. It looks like they’re doing a good job with the reconstruction efforts — I hadn’t been down there in years, and even then, I’d only passed through.The best part(s): Free parking, and […]

More gas savings

Apparently, I did even better with this last tank of gas. I managed 26 miles per gallon, up from last week’s 24 mpg, and up from my usual 21 mpg. Again, I drove to and from work on the highways using cruise control, keeping my speed around 60 mph, and not driving aggressively. Overall, I’ve […]

Thrifty tip for the day

It may seem silly, but I cut my Brillo pads in half. I didn’t start doing it to saving a few pennies, but I realize that it does. I was cutting them in half because I usually only need that much steel wool to wash one or two pans. If I used a whole one, […]

Laugh for the day

Remember the other day I posted about my dad’s neurotic coin-counting? Well, when I went to drop off the groceries I’d bought for him when I went shopping today (since he won’t step foot in Nutley ShopRite), there was a little note scribbled on the bottom of his list:“Got a nickel?”He wanted one last nickel […]

Money nightmare

I had a nightmare the other day. I dreamed that I’d lent our downstairs neighbor $5,000, in two intallments of $2,500. So the electricity wouldn’t be shut off, allegedly. Then I was trying to get him to pay me back, and he came up with excuse after excuse.

What a weird dream!

At this point in my […]

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