Americans are driving less

Well, this isn’t too surprising, in light of gas prices: In another month or two, Americans will be driving less for the first time since 1980. Higher gasoline costs are leading to less travel.

Commutes continue to get longer, as there’s less and less affordable housing outside the cities where the jobs are. The […]

EZPass, my ass

Well, as I drove on the Parkway on Sunday, I discovered that my EZPass tag wasn’t working — I got the message that the toll was unpaid all 3 times I tried to go through the EZPass lane.

I checked my license plate-mounted transmitter and saw that it had a big crack in […]

Rolling coins

I absolutely have to get going on my change. I usually like to roll my coins, but I’m all out of penny wrappers and keep forgetting to ask for some while at the bank. I would take them to Commerce bank and use the coin sorter, but I’ve already rolled all the other denominations. In […]

Wedding photography

Who knew photographers and their packages would cost so much? While I’m not one for the whole in-your-face videographer aspect, I really want a photographer and a pretty wedding album. Flush-mount and all.

Right now I’m pricing some folks who take a photojournalistic approach, and the rates for coverage and the album seem […]

Gas prices coming down?

Well, with the price of crude down to about $125 a barrel, gas prices are starting to come down at the local stations. But am I the only one who thinks prices down come down nearly as quickly as they go up?

I’m definitely driving less. It pains me to fill up the gas tank […]

Save-the-date cards

We’re thinking we need to send out save-the-date cards to our wedding guests because the date will fall on a holiday weekend. But it seems fairly ridiculous to get them made up (especially if they’re magnets) and then send them out (postage is also pricey nowadays).

I priced it out to get them done professionally […]

And so it begins…

The wedding planning is finally gathering some steam. On Saturday, we go for a food tasting at our top-choice reception site and hopefully book it. Which means forking over a few thousand dollars.

The fiance and I decided to sock away a certain amount of money from our paychecks each month, and we’re opening an […]

Good savings yet ripped off

I did my usual ShopRite trip on Tuesday. Saved 25% off my order with coupons and sale items, but once I got home, I had to subtract $4 from my savings. I had splurged medication for cold sores (ick, I know), but once I got home, I found that the little box was EMPTY. Nothing […]

Feed a family on $10 a week?

I just read about Crissy Thompson of Georgia, who is such an avid coupon-clipper that she can spend just $10 a week on groceries for her family of five. It seems like she doesn’t do it EVERY week, but that’s still a hell of an accomplishment. I haven’t been doing so well with my own […]

Today’s grocery shopping

I must eat too many “good-for-you” foodstuffs — I only had one coupon, for granola bars. But between my food and the items I picked up for my father and brother, I spent more than $100, which entitled me to use my $10 off coupon from the ShopRite circular for this week. There are never […]