EZPass, my ass

Well, as I drove on the Parkway on Sunday, I discovered that my EZPass tag wasn’t working — I got the message that the toll was unpaid all 3 times I tried to go through the EZPass lane.

I checked my license plate-mounted transmitter and saw that it had a big crack in the exterior. “They’ll send me a new one,” I thought.

So I called today to request a new tag, and they claim it’ll cost me $33 to get a new one — I’d have to return the old one first. When I inquired why it would cost me money, the woman claimed, “It’s the property of EZPass for your use and must be returned in the same condition.” Are you kidding? I didn’t lose it, it wasn’t stolen. My guess is that someone backed into my car and hit it.

So I said I’d call back, but I likely won’t. After I straighten out the three toll violations I’m sure to get in the mail any day now, I will be cancelling the account. Not only would I have to pay the $33 for a new tag, EZPass also charges a $1 monthly fee for usage. Forget that. I hardly use toll roads, so I’ll just bring change when I do.

Anyone else ever run into this problem?

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