Feed a family on $10 a week?

I just read about Crissy Thompson of Georgia, who is such an avid coupon-clipper that she can spend just $10 a week on groceries for her family of five. It seems like she doesn’t do it EVERY week, but that’s still a hell of an accomplishment. I haven’t been doing so well with my own coupon clipping, and then I see that!

It takes an hour to do her research for her shopping each week, and she sometimes goes to nearly seven stores to get her deals, a trip that involves about three to four hours. That’s insanity. It’s obviously saving her a lot of money, but still. My father will go to two or three stores to get good deals, but it’s usually only a few items at each place and I think even THAT’s a bit much.

Again, I only see sales/coupons mostly for prepared foods, so I don’t know how much better I can do. I do cut an average of 10% off my grocery bill each week, but I’ll keep aiming higher.

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