Let the down payments begin

We booked our DJ and photographer, and I found a wedding dress, so I’m very excited.

Now, we have to actually find someone to marry us. We’ve been floating around the idea of having a friend get “ordained” online and having him perform the ceremony, since he’s quite entertaining and we know him well, rather than pick a minister out of a book. Plus, instead of an officiant’s fee, we could pay him in whiskey, haha! (Okay, so that part really isn’t a joke).

I just stumbled upon this New York Times article about whether or not marriages performed by someone ordained through an online church are truly legal unions.

An excerpt:
“New York State, New Jersey and Florida have very broadly worded laws that seem to allow ministers ordained online to perform weddings. Yet it was in New York that a marriage performed by an online minister was invalidated.”

Scary to think our marriage wouldn’t be valid if our friend served as our officiant. So I guess we’ll have to do it the “old-fashioned” way!

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