Bailout being voted on right now

Just watching the news (yes, I’m a CNN’er, I’ll admit it). It’s not looking too good for the ‘bailout’ plan — and the Dow is now down more than 500 points for the day.

Current vote: Yea – 207Nay – 226

It’s not looking good.

I don’t agree with the bailout plan, but something has […]

Credit score

It’s odd, but I had no idea what my credit score was. Not even a ballpark figure. So today I decided to go to and find out. Sure, it costs money, but I really wanted to know — and I found an online coupon for 20% off. Got scores from all three reporting agencies.



Just got my credit card statement, the one that I’d put our honeymoon on (just plane tickets and reservation deposit so far). I guess I officially have credit card debt again, at least for a few months until it’s paid off. I’ll try to knock it out in the next few months. I could just […]

J.P. Morgan Chase taking over WaMu

Another cheery article about a failing financial institution, this time from the Wall Street Journal, which is reporting that J.P. Morgan Chase is taking over most of Washington Mutual’s operations.

Federal regulators “seized” WaMu and brokered the deal with J.P. Morgan Chase after investors and customers withdrew more than $16.7 BILLION in funds since September […]

CD rates going up despite economy

Well, at least the introductory rates are. I’ve been seeing a ton of advertisements in The Star-Ledger trumpeting CDs with 4% interest rates. Right now, CDs I’d opened at 5.5% or so a couple of years ago are only garnering me about 3%-3.5% right now.

In fact, I’ve found one of these banks, Washington […]

Newspapers going the way of the dinosaur?

While I was at my father’s house today, my brother picked up our local daily newspaper today (The Star-Ledger) and pointed to the lead story.

“What is this crap? Is this even worth reading?”

The story was headlined “Sillyness and Missteps at the Citadel Made Princeton Musicians a Band on the Run.” Now my appreciation […]

Bridal showers

Who knew that I would have to fight (and lose) against having a bridal shower?

While I appreciated the fact that the fiancé’s family and my bridesmaids want to throw me one, we have everything we need, and I figured it wasn’t worth the expense to everyone else. But I have officially been outvoted.


Free, but ugly

On Friday, I was wearing a cute pair of heels that hurt my feet like hell after a few hours. Now, there are always freebies being placed in particular spots around the office, and this day was no exception. As I passed by one of these “goodies spots,” my eyes locked on a pair of […]

Faulty ink cartridge — happy ending

For a while, I’d needed new black & tri-color cartridges for my Hewlitt-Packard printer, which I, uh, “inherited” in 2003. In all that time I’ve had no problems with it, not that I use it a lot.

So I went to Target and bought the combo pack, which gives me both cartridges at a […]

Some people will pay for anything!

Case in point:

This ad on Craigslist.

Someone is willing to pay for a writer to come up with a Best Man speech.

My favorite line of the ad:

“Questions: have you ever written a best man speech? please show samples have any references?”

I would love to know if he got anyone to […]