Financial institutions crumbling?

Two more banking institutions are in trouble, says this Wall Street Journal article today: Lehman Brothers, which lost out on a buyout once the federal government refused to back the sale with taxpayer money; and Merrill Lynch, which is being sold to Bank of America.

I don’t know much about each company, but I think […]

Do-it-yourself card box

It seems silly to rent or buy a card box for the wedding — first of all, who knows if anyone will actually use it. Secondly, with a little fabric and a glue gun, I can make one myself.

So I snagged a sturdy box at work (it was some promotional thing from JCPenney; inside […]

Gas-price gouging — again

While not surprising, I find it interesting that wholesale prices for a gallon of gasoline have jumped from $3.00 to nearly $5.00 in the Gulf Coast states and the surrounding areas in anticipation of Hurricane Ike. Sure, the oil-pumping installations have all been shut down and will likely remain shut for a week, but I […]

My hair is apparently vegetation

“Your hair grows like a weed,” my hairdresser says to me when I called to make an appointment for a haircut. Tell me about it… I don’t want to spend the $40 (plus tip) for a haircut every month, so I wind up letting it grow out to the point where I go and have […]

Wedding day hairstyle

This post has nothing to do with saving money — but it has everything to do with spending money.

My hairdresser was originally aghast at the idea that I wanted to wear my hair down (like in the picture above, with the sparkly comb), but it’s been the way I’ve worn my hair forever. I only […]

The kitten and the cucumber

Well, Misfit isn’t exactly a kitten anymore now that he’s more than a year old, but that doesn’t mean his kitten-like curiosity has abated.

Our downstairs neighbor has a thriving garden, and she had given us some cucumbers. I put them in a bowl along with some tomatoes, and the next thing I know, I come […]

"Big-ticket" items

In addition to wedding expenses, in the next few months I’m going to need to see the opthamologist and get new contacts/glasses, and put four new tires on my car. Tires will run me over $600 with installation, and the opthamologist, about $400. Why does life always get in the way of saving? Haha. Unfortunately, […]

Tuesday shopping

Made it through another Tuesday afternoon trip to ShopRite. No super-duper deals, but I did manage to snag 4 boxes of my favorite (and only) from-a-box meal, Zatarain’s Reduced-Sodium New Orleans Jambalaya. Usually $2.29 a box, it was on sale for 2 for $3. Add to that two 75-cent coupons (which ShopRite doubles), and I […]

"Free" stuff?

Saw this article on MSN.comabout “13 Things You Can Get for Free.”

Okay, sounds good, so I take a peek. Once I start reading, I’m not so sure I’m into any of these “free” things. Nine months of free credit monitoring doesn’t sound too bad, but I’m definitely not going to get into swapping my home […]

Roth IRA

I’m due for my 2008 Roth IRA contribution, but have been diverting my savings to the wedding fund. I know I have until April 2009 to do the 2008 contribution, but that’s D-day (or D-month, I suppose) and we’ll be pretty tapped out by then.

The question I’m asking myself is this: Should I still […]

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