Wedding day hairstyle

This post has nothing to do with saving money — but it has everything to do with spending money.

My hairdresser was originally aghast at the idea that I wanted to wear my hair down (like in the picture above, with the sparkly comb), but it’s been the way I’ve worn my hair forever. I only pull it up once in a blue moon, and that means it has to be long enough to do so.

But she also came to the conclusion that I look better with my hair down, since updos just make me look like a different person. And I’d rather be myself on my wedding day. I just haven’t decided if I want my hair to be straight or to be a bit wavy and tousled (which is normally is, I just don’t allow it to get that way most days).

Saturday I’m going to have her cut about 2 inches off, because my hair is hitting my shoulder sand I can’t stand it. When I can pull it into a low ponytail, it is way too long!

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