Would you forego health insurance to save money?

Apparently, some people think it’s a good idea to say “no thanks” to health insurance at work. Instead, they’re taking the money they would have put toward their health premium and investing it, according to this MSN Money article. That sounds like a scary proposition to me.

Now, I understand that some people might need […]

Good news

Actually, after yesterday’s post lamenting the fact that I hadn’t put any $$$ into the wedding account in a few days, I checked on my PayPal account, where I get payments for some freelance work, and I’m happy to say I made $450 for the month (I usually transfer it over to my checking account […]


I inadvertently erased my entire blog template tonight — that’s what I get for browsing other pre-made templates and not saving my XML coding completely. Bah.

So enjoy the new look of Rainy-Day Saver!


Butterfly Award!?!

It was a pleasurable surprise to find this morning that my pal PJ over at Broke in the Suburb nominated me for a Butterfly Award, given to your fave blog(s).

One of my favorites:

The Simple Dollar

and a new favorite

Make Love, Not Debt

There are so many great and PERSONAL personal finance […]

Rethinking my (minor) credit card debt

Well, I suppose $1,800 is minor in the grand scheme of things, but after not having any credit card debt for two years (I paid anything I put on a card in full once the statement came), this balance is driving me nuts. But I’ve decided that I’ll take a few more months to pay […]

Confessions of a Coke Zero Addict

I’m guilty. Because of my need to have at least one Coke Zero per day, I had to break down and buy a case at full price at ShopRite yesterday. Well, it was 50 cents off, but still cost $4.49.

The problem is that it hasn’t been on sale for a while. Usually I […]

Savings slowdown

I’m bummed. I haven’t put any money toward the wedding in two weeks because of the large payment I made toward the honeymoon. But I should be able to throw about $500 toward it at the end of the week. If I get a check or two in the mail for freelance work I’ve done […]

More money for automakers?

Automakers have already been approved for a $25 billion from a federal “loan program” — now they want money from the $700 billion bailout?

Here’s the story from CNN, “Bush Administration eyes help for automakers”

Might just be me, but does it seem like the government is just giving money willy-nilly to the big […]

Pretty fall foliage trip

Thanks to gas prices dropping like there’s no bottom (kind of like the stock market), I didn’t feel too guilty when a girlfriend and I took a drive up into New York to be surrounded by the turning leaves. We drove up Route 9W, across Harriman State Park and back down Route 17, it was […]

Printable Progresso soup coupons

I stumbled across an ad on my newspaper’s website, trumpeting coupons for Progresso soup. There’s a $1 off 2 cans (expires 10/26), and $2 off 4 cans (expires 11/22).

It seems soup lovers are making out like bandits thanks to the “feud” between Campbells and Progresso, since Campbells came out with an ad campaign for […]