Near-catastrophe at ShopRite

The cashier at ShopRite today, who had a bit of an attitude, forgot to ring up my coupons. And I didn’t notice that she hadn’t until I got my receipt. She had the coupons on the side of the register, where I couldn’t see them, making me think she was trying to hide them (I’ve never seen a cashier put them there). So when I point this out, she tosses the stack of coupons back at me — well, on the little ledge — where half of them fall to the floor, and tells me to go to the courtesy counter. Boy, was I annoyed as all holy hell. The poor woman at courtesy had to weed through my long receipt to check off the product that coresponded with the coupon and then refund that money.

It was worth it, though — I had $15.50 in coupons alone. I spent $103 after the coupons and Price Plus card discounts, saving me $36. That’s more than 25% off my order. Awesome.

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