Pretty fall foliage trip

Thanks to gas prices dropping like there’s no bottom (kind of like the stock market), I didn’t feel too guilty when a girlfriend and I took a drive up into New York to be surrounded by the turning leaves. We drove up Route 9W, across Harriman State Park and back down Route 17, it was nice. Total trip was 103 miles, door-to-door. Got some nice pictures, too. Then we came back home and took a walk around a local park. We could have walked around Harriman, but I didn’t feel like getting lost, and we weren’t totally prepared for that.

Meanwhile, I decided I’m going to Atlantic City for my birthday this year (big 3-0). It’ll be nice, some of my pals are coming to help me celebrate. My dad was funny, though — he said, only half-jokingly, “That’s not the way to save for the wedding!”

He does have a point, but we’re all entitled to a little splurge now and then!

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