Printable Progresso soup coupons

I stumbled across an ad on my newspaper’s website, trumpeting coupons for Progresso soup. There’s a $1 off 2 cans (expires 10/26), and $2 off 4 cans (expires 11/22).

It seems soup lovers are making out like bandits thanks to the “feud” between Campbells and Progresso, since Campbells came out with an ad campaign for its new Select Harvest varieties. The claim is that this line of soups are all-natural with no MSG. But Progresso hit back by pointing out that Campbells’ other soup lines (like condensed) have many kinds with MSG. So they’re in a war, and we get lots of coupons!

Check it out. You can only print two of each coupon and have to use their “coupon printer” application to do so.

Progresso Coupons

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