Rethinking my (minor) credit card debt

Well, I suppose $1,800 is minor in the grand scheme of things, but after not having any credit card debt for two years (I paid anything I put on a card in full once the statement came), this balance is driving me nuts. But I’ve decided that I’ll take a few more months to pay it off than I originally intended, because it’s more important that we have the cash on hand to pay for the wedding. And any CC debt we have afterward will immediately be paid off so both of us will be in the clear. Although the balance will be larger by then, since we still need to “pay” the other half of the honeymoon. I’m putting my dress on the card, too.

If most of the charges were on the credit card now, I’d absolutely take one of the zero-interest-plus-3 percent-transaction-fee offers I have sitting on my computer desk, but it won’t make sense to do that in March just to pay it off in full by the end of April.

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