Saturday splurges

So we didn’t exactly save our pennies this weekend. Saturday was errand-o-rama, which consisted not only of putting money into the wedding fund, but withdrawing cash for the week. Then to CVS, where I had to pick up a prescription refill, which was $45 (3-month supply of the pill, I don’t take anything other than that and my thyroid meds), but then splurged on some Crest Whitestrips. Yeah, they’re pricey, but they work and I want my teeth to be white for the wedding, haha. Plus, they were on sale and I got another $5 knocked off with a coupon.

After that, the fiance wanted to go to Kohl’s, where we dropped $100 in slippers and a few shirts for him, plus I got a head start on Christmas shopping.

Lastly, we went to State Fair, where I managed to suck it up and find a Halloween costume for a party at the end of the month, Well, accessories for a costume. Fiance got a mask. Our total was $25 after using a 10% off coupon.

Then we went out on Saturday night for a friend’s birthday. Besides grocery shopping on Tuesday and a stop at the gas station for a fill-up, we don’t plan to spend anything else for the week.

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