Would you forego health insurance to save money?

Apparently, some people think it’s a good idea to say “no thanks” to health insurance at work. Instead, they’re taking the money they would have put toward their health premium and investing it, according to this MSN Money article. That sounds like a scary proposition to me.

Now, I understand that some people might need the cash to pay bills or would rather have the money on hand, but I don’t think this is a good idea. I’m all about saving money (if you haven’t noticed from reading this blog), but my health coverage isn’t something I’m willing to play Russian roulette with. Then again, I don’t pay anything out of my paycheck because my company fully covers single people. Of course, once I’m married and/or have kids, there is a premium to be paid, and I believe it’s $211 every two weeks, which is almost $5,000 a year. Yikes. But I wouldn’t want to leave my family without health coverage, so the fiancé and I will work that out when and if the time comes…

Would you skip health coverage in favor of saving and investing the money?

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