The heating bill came

Our PSE&G bill came on Friday. This time last year, we were in for a shock when a $400 bill arrived for our indiscriminate use of our ancient heating system.

Instead of $400, we managed to keep it down to $142 — and a good portion of that was electricity used for our little oil […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even in these uncertain economic times, remember to give thanks for what we have — food, shelter and loved ones — and to give to those less fortunate.

I give thanks for my friends and family, for the ability to pour my thoughts onto paper and for the opportunity to do something I love […]

Contest over

Our self-inflicted contest to keep the heat off until December is over. We gave in and turned on the heat Friday night. But just to 64 so the heat would kick on for a bit, then we turned the thermostat to 60 for the night. And we did the same again last night.

But […]

The upshot of the cable catastrophe

Well, I have to say, Comcrap is at least making an attempt at caring about the lousy customer service that plagues the company. I received a call from a Comcast rep today (didn’t catch her name/department, because I had barely been awake for 20 minutes at that point), who apologized profusely and offered us a […]

Talk about a waste of time and money…

It all started when I noticed some shady guy wearing a hardhat outside on Wednesday afternoon, climbing a ladder propped against a pole outside a neighbor’s house. The next thing I know, my cable TV and internet were knocked out.

I look at the guy’s white van, notice it’s unmarked and that there aren’t any […]

Another project

I’ve been a busy bee lately. I scored another handy-dandy cardboard box from work yesterday. But instead of making a wedding card holder out of it, this one was going to serve a larger purpose.

A litter-box cover.

Ever since we got this kitten (okay, he’s over a year old now, *sigh*), he […]

The contest

The fiance and I are currently trying to put off turning on our heat until December. There are 12 more full days until December.

It’s 36 degrees outside.

It’s 57 degrees inside our apartment.

I’m pretty cold.

I’ve got our little oil-filled electric radiator on, but I don’t think it’s going to do […]


Doing the math

We’ve been kicking around the idea of what we want our next big step to be after we get married. House, then baby? Baby, then house? I’ve been doing the math over and over — to the point where I’m filling out fake 1040 forms to work the numbers and see how much we could […]

Stock market free-fall?

Is it just me, or is the stock market in free-fall mode? Every day there’s more bad news on the economic front, which leads to the market dropping a few hundred points like it’s nothing.

Today, it’s down 244 points and it’s only 1:15. Sure, there’s time for some gains to be made, but the […]