Looking for ways to cut corners

Some of you know I contribute to other web sites, such as Prevention.com’s Buzz Blogs. I stumbled across this great post by a fellow blogger there that outlines a bunch of money-saving tips — most of which I already put to use.

It definitely does pay to try to get better deals when it comes to insurance premiums (especially auto insurance in this crazy state of New Jersey, where we dropped to SECOND PLACE on the most-expensive premiums this year). My fiance managed to save 33% on his auto insurance premium when he switched to another insurer.

Also look at services such as TV, phone and Internet to determine whether you can get a better deal. I’ve had luck with Comcast, which offered me another promotional rate on my cable TV package once the previous promo rate expired. Call your companies and re-negotiate your rates, and threaten to go to a competitor. Most are so desperate to keep business these days that you’ll find they’re willing to give you a break.

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