Looking for ways to cut corners

Some of you know I contribute to other web sites, such as Prevention.com’s Buzz Blogs. I stumbled across this great post by a fellow blogger there that outlines a bunch of money-saving tips — most of which I already put to use.

It definitely does pay to try to get better deals when it comes to […]

Yet another reason to avoid expensive bras

Don’t get me wrong — as a woman, I can appreciate a comfortable, supportive bra. But apparently, some of Victoria’s Secret’s bras have had the opposite effect on some wearers. According to a report filed by ABC News:

“A lawsuit filed against Victoria’s Secret claims the brand’s popular bras are responsible for injuring customers, causing rashes, […]

Following a wedding budget

I was just writing an article about the average cost of weddings nowadays — a whopping $27,000. That’s not including the honeymoon! It seems impossible to set a budget much lower than that, because of the per-person cost of a reception around these parts. Sure, you can have a cash bar, or find a smaller […]

Christmas is coming…

I started a bit of my Christmas shopping already, but I’m guessing that I, like many other Americans, won’t be spending as much as I usually do. It’s a combination of wedding expenses and less cash flow in general, since my freelance work is dropping.

How much do you usually spend per person on gifts? […]

Haircolor is expensive

I made the mistake of going to the salon on Saturday to have my hairdresser professionally color my hair, since the last year of color from the box rendered my hair darker and darker, and I didn’t like it.

Unfortunately, I should have asked how much it would cost before making the appointment. I thought […]

More money out of our pockets

And no, I’m not talking about Obama’s “redistributing the wealth” idea (side note: what do you think happens after we pay TAXES? It gets redistributed!)

We had to make our second payment to the reception facility for the wedding today. At least it will help take the sting out of the truly large final payment we’ll […]

Gas under $2.00?!

Who would have thought we’d ever return to gas prices the way they were before Hurricane Katrina devastasted the Gulf Coast.

Today I saw a headline that trumpeted that gas was under $2 a gallon in Omaha, Nebraska. That led me to check out a favorite site of mine, NewJerseyGasPrices.com, which shows that there is […]


One more day left in this 2008 presidential campaign. No matter who your candidate is, make sure you get out and VOTE tomorrow!

Your vote DOES count — make your voice heard!

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