Talk about a waste of time and money…

It all started when I noticed some shady guy wearing a hardhat outside on Wednesday afternoon, climbing a ladder propped against a pole outside a neighbor’s house. The next thing I know, my cable TV and internet were knocked out.

I look at the guy’s white van, notice it’s unmarked and that there aren’t any license plates on it. There appears to be a temporary plate on the back window.

After running downstairs and out the front door like a maniac, I confront him. “Why did you shut my cable off?!” To which he replies, “Oh,” and then holds up a finger indicating, “Wait a minute.” I tell him in not-so-nice words to turn my service back on or there will be hell to pay. I head back upstairs (it’s cold out!) and watch as shady guy gets his ladder out and scales the pole again. He fiddles with something, and the TV comes back on. I watch him leave, and then realize my internet service is still out. And most of my TV channels. And On Demand and DVR don’t work.

After literally 8 phone calls between yesterday and today to COMCAST (COMCRAP, more like), we finally got someone out here at 9 p.m. This was after the first 3 phone calls last night, which led to me making an appointment for a tech to come out between 9 and 11 a.m. At 11, I call, and I’m told, “Oh, you’re not in the system for an appointment,” and they claim someone will call me to let me know when a tech will be coming by. I have to get my ass to work, so fiance takes a half-day from work to sit home and wait. We never heard from anyone — I called every 2 hours after that and was finally told there were no appointments until Tuesday.

The TV-loving fiance freaks (I swear, he loves the TV more than me OR the kitten), and he takes it upon himself to call COMCRAP and demand a tech come out today. Whatever his threats, it apparently worked. It took the guy all of 5 minutes to re-connect our service, and he claimed it was COMCAST’s fault.

While our service was “inadvertently disconnected,” I lost a story I was writing because the deadline was last night, and I wasn’t able to submit another blog post in time, which may jeopardize payment for that, too. Ugh. While it wasn’t a lot of money, it truly, truly aggravated me. I’m glad this day is over!

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