The upshot of the cable catastrophe

Well, I have to say, Comcrap is at least making an attempt at caring about the lousy customer service that plagues the company. I received a call from a Comcast rep today (didn’t catch her name/department, because I had barely been awake for 20 minutes at that point), who apologized profusely and offered us a half-month credit for our 2-day interruption of service (completely caused by THEM). Naturally, we don’t pay full price on our cable TV digital package — I re-negotiated another year’s extension on the promotional pricing.

Lupo was pushing for extra channels as compensation (geez, the only ones we don’t have are TMC and Cinemax), but I was happy with the $70 credit we’ll have on the bill next month. That’s an extra 70 bucks toward Christmas presents or the wedding fund.

I’d hate to have that poor customer rep’s job, continually apologizing to customers because of Comcast’s shitty service and dangling carrots to keep customers. She claimed steps were being taken to re-train the persons involved with the whole debacle. We can only hope that’s not a line of BS, because I hate going through this crap every time something goes wrong with the cable TV/Internet. And I know I’m not the only one who has these kinds of problems with this company.

If they don’t address the issues, Comcast can continue to see their customers fleeing to Verizon FIOS or satellite TV. And rightly so.

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