Heating bill … wtf?

We thought we were being soooo good. We only turned on the heat a few times in the past month, just to warm up the house, and then shut it off within an hour.

Well, the bill came today. And it was estimated, since the meter reader didn’t get into the house this month.


Christmas is over — now the bills roll in!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (those of you celebrating, naturally)! Our “light” spending this year paid off, as we saved money and it seems everyone was very happy with their presents. Plus, the deeply discounted prices helped, too. But the credit card bills are rolling in already — we used the credit cards […]

A commendable company

It’s nice to see an uplifting story today in a sea of economic nightmares. I hadn’t even heard that the Archway cookie company had closed it doors in October — the cookies were sold in stores like Target and Wal-Mart.

But another company, Lance, bought Archway at an auction and immediately rehired 60 of […]

Neighbors in trouble?

We pretty much saw this coming. The neighbors down the street from us seem to have lots of woes — every few days, they’re tinkering with their late-model car to get it started, and there’s been rumors of their electricity being shut off periodically. But it appears they’ve finally given up, and the house was […]

Make-your-own cookie cutters

I went through all the trouble of getting the ingredients for baking cookies. I had everything except Christmas cookie cutters. So what did I do? No, I didn’t go out and buy them (I really had no urge to leave the house again). I made my own.

Using my handy-dandy Google search, I found […]

My splurge …

No, not a purse. Not boots. Not an expensive dinner.

I splurged on parchment paper.

Best $3.49 I ever spent! (Okay, in true Nicole fashion, I had a coupon for $1 off; it was originally $4.49.)

It was wonderful to not have the cookies stick to the baking sheet, and it made cleanup a […]

Lotion gimmick?

My skin gets excruciatingly dry during the winter months (due to a medical condition, it’s normally too dry year-round, but actually gets scaly during the colder times of the year), so I go through a lot of lotion. I’m constantly applying it morning, noon and night, after showering, after washing my hands and after washing […]

My holiday shopping is finished

On Wednesday, I trekked up to the mall, fully expecting the parking lots to be wall-to-wall with cars, even though it was a weekday. Boy, was I wrong.

While somewhat crowded, there wasn’t the usual Christmas rush of people hurrying and scurrying about. I thought I was going to have to run in, grab […]

"Survival Panic"?

According to this CNBC article, the economic crisis has caused some behavioral issues in those affected by the recent downturn. And they’re calling it “survival panic.”

Panic because they can’t buy their $300 purses and expensive gadgets? IMHO, these are the people who truly need the reality check they’ve been given. Sure, we all love […]

Credit card … cancelled.

A strange notice came in the mail the other day. It was from one of my credit card carriers, informing me that since the account hadn’t been used for more than 24 months, it was closed.

Not a notice of an impending close, or a chance to use the credit card again. Just a […]