Christmas is over — now the bills roll in!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (those of you celebrating, naturally)! Our “light” spending this year paid off, as we saved money and it seems everyone was very happy with their presents. Plus, the deeply discounted prices helped, too. But the credit card bills are rolling in already — we used the credit cards only because of the extra discounts attached to using the cards, and I’m paying them off in full as they arrive to avoid finance charges.

I got a beautiful black leather purse (loves it) and black sneaks. Most people gave me clothes, many of which I returned on Friday morning in exchange for new black boots, because my old ones finally gave up the ghost and ripped open on the side. The fiance got a nice wool coat and “grandpa” hat, argyle sweater and a Star Wars encyclopedia that he wanted. So we both managed to keep to our promise to not spend a lot!

The sales were good at the mall on Friday, but not as good as I’d anticipated, with the 60-75% off being trumpeted. Plus, they weren’t taking any coupons at Macy’s on certain items that were price-slashed, so that was a little bit of a bummer. My boots were only 33% off and a bit expensive (wound up costing $67), but they were actually free after using the store credit I got from returning a few other things that weren’t my style.

Shopping is fun, but I’m done for this season!

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