Credit card … cancelled.

A strange notice came in the mail the other day. It was from one of my credit card carriers, informing me that since the account hadn’t been used for more than 24 months, it was closed.

Not a notice of an impending close, or a chance to use the credit card again. Just a notice of total shut down and advising that I destroy my current card.

It’s true that I haven’t used the credit card in the past two years, but I should have been given an option here. “We believe this may indicate that the account no longer meets your financial needs.” Hah. Now, it can’t meet any of my financial needs!

Of course, this happens when I have some credit card debt for the first time in more than a year (all wedding-related). When a credit account is closed, it reflects on your utilization ratio. While the limit on the card was only $5,000, it helped make my ratio look more favorable. I’m using about 7% of my available credit, and I can’t wait for it to be back to zero in a few months.

Totally unrelated — “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is THE worst show ever. Period.

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