It’s been an expensive (and fun) week

Well, not a week in the traditional Sunday-through-Saturday sense. But you get the idea.

You all know about the wedding ring, which I hope comes back in this week — it had to be resized. Then it will take all I have not to wear it around the house before the wedding, because I’m silly like that.

I still have yet to finish my Christmas shopping, but I’m getting there. My fiance and my brother are the most difficult to buy for (only because neither is giving me any clue about what they want). I dropped $190 on a new batch of contacts, because the astigmatism in my left eye makes that particular prescription more expensive than the one in the right eye.

We also went to Atlantic City for my birthday this weekend, just Sunday into Monday. It was lots of fun and I had a great time with my friends and my brother (who came with his girlfriend). Unfortunately, I ended up down $200 bucks on roulette, but my husband-to-be made up for it with two big slot wins of $350 and $120 (the $350 was while I was waiting on line to check out in the morning, I told him he didn’t have to stand in line with me, haha).

Funny thing is, as my dad so eloquently put it, I’m a “sore loser” when it comes to losing money while gambling. It’s true. I think it’s mostly that I get mad at myself for letting it happen, but then again, going to AC was my idea!

Luckily, I have some freelance cash coming in this month, which will help immensely when the bills come rolling in.

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