For the past two winters, I’ve toyed with the idea of spending a few hundred dollars on a down comforter. I’m glad I didn’t take that plunge.

Saturday was “let’s explore” day at my father’s house. He was talking about an ancient sled (yes, a kid’s snow sled) that was still propped sideways in one of the rarely-used closets, and I found a bunch of stuff in there when I looked. Some of which were SAT signup books and school papers from my sophomore year of high school in 1994. Geez.

Anyway, in one of the bags I discovered an old down comforter (light/medium weight) in a discolored duvet cover. While the duvet was a loss, the comforter itself was in good shape — it just needed to be fluffed out and Febreezed.

So I toted that bad boy home as my prize for doing laundry. It’s actually quite warm under my other comforter on the bed, and I was able to remove a few of the throw blankets from the top of the bed, haha.


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