Lotion gimmick?

My skin gets excruciatingly dry during the winter months (due to a medical condition, it’s normally too dry year-round, but actually gets scaly during the colder times of the year), so I go through a lot of lotion. I’m constantly applying it morning, noon and night, after showering, after washing my hands and after washing the dishes. I get a temporary reprieve, but then I need to put it on again within an hour.

Recently, I tried looking for a heavy-duty lotion that would keep my skin sufficiently hydrated. This meant a trip to the drugstore, where I swear I looked at the ingredients in every lotion made on Earth (as opposed to Mars). They were all pretty much the same. I wonder if there are drying agents in the lotion that make you keep reapplying it and, therefore, buying more of it!

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