Make-your-own cookie cutters

I went through all the trouble of getting the ingredients for baking cookies. I had everything except Christmas cookie cutters. So what did I do? No, I didn’t go out and buy them (I really had no urge to leave the house again). I made my own.

Using my handy-dandy Google search, I found this blog post with instructions for making your own cookie cutters.

I didn’t go into so much detail, such as making the foil template and measuring with pipe cleaners, but I used the basic idea of cutting a foil pan into a particular shape. I made one Christmas tree, and one five-pointed star. While not perfect, they are both pretty simple shapes to bend the foil into. They wound up looking like this:

They got me through a batch of butter cookies, but I had to keep re-forming the shapes periodically, because foil is softer than steel. Perhaps next time I’ll use a double layer of foil.

Would you make your own cookie cutters? This worked in a pinch, but I don’t know if I’d bother making a more complicated shape.

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