My holiday shopping is finished

On Wednesday, I trekked up to the mall, fully expecting the parking lots to be wall-to-wall with cars, even though it was a weekday. Boy, was I wrong.

While somewhat crowded, there wasn’t the usual Christmas rush of people hurrying and scurrying about. I thought I was going to have to run in, grab what I needed and get the hell out of Dodge, but it wound up being a very pleasant experience. I wandered around for a good two hours and managed to not spend too much on myself (I got a few sweaters with a New York & Company gift card I’d been hoarding since LAST Christmas and spent an extra $30).

All told, I think I spent about $200 less than I did last year, still under $1,000 for both of our families. I found it challenging to find gifts that I knew people would like and try to spice them up with little extras, so hopefully everyone is happy with their presents.

I know the fiance’s family is always happy with their gifts now — before I was in the picture, he only went out and bought gift cards! Talk about impersonal. I like them when you’re completely out of ideas, but I can usual rustle up a few good ones.

Even the wrapping is half done. I learned my lesson with the kitten last year and won’t be putting on the bows and ribbon until the very last minute — he absolutely DESTROYED a bunch of stuff last year before I could gift the presents to their recipients, and I had to re-wrap some parcels!

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