For the past two winters, I’ve toyed with the idea of spending a few hundred dollars on a down comforter. I’m glad I didn’t take that plunge.

Saturday was “let’s explore” day at my father’s house. He was talking about an ancient sled (yes, a kid’s snow sled) that was still propped sideways in one […]

Dow under 4,000?

That’s one of the scary predictions made by one of eight stock market experts on CNNMoney.com.

I was reading through these today, and apparently the one good thing mentioned by FDIC Chairman(woman?) Sheila Bair is that if you invest in well-researched stocks using a “buy and hold” method, the returns are likely to be […]

Addendum to expensive week

The best news — I was super-psyched to pay $1.55 a gallon for gas today!

That’s about the only silver lining in this scary and unpredictable economy we’re dealing with.

It’s been an expensive (and fun) week

Well, not a week in the traditional Sunday-through-Saturday sense. But you get the idea.

You all know about the wedding ring, which I hope comes back in this week — it had to be resized. Then it will take all I have not to wear it around the house before the wedding, because I’m silly […]

We’ve got rings

Maybe it was fate — but both of our wedding rings came in today, from two different sources.

Now, I’ll admit I feel guilty about the price disparity, but what he wanted and what I wanted were two completely different things!

I was showing him rings on Amazon a few months ago, to give him […]

4.5% mortgage rates?

I wonder what would happen if the Treasury Department actually gets the go-ahead to lower interest rates on mortgages to a historic 4.5%? My dad tells me that rates were 15% in 1982, and the past few years they’ve been 5.5%-6.5%.

But 4.5%? That’s too good to be true. I’m sure only those with […]

Thank you, Captain Obvious

So they’re finally admitting the U.S. is in a recession.

No shit, Sherlock.

A recession since last December! And some experts forecast it lasting another year or two. Even more reason to save your pennies, folks.

I know our families are arranging some grab bags gift exchanges this year, and we’re cutting down on our […]

The economy or truly a re-evaluation?

I can home this afternoon to find a message in my inbox about the one blogger program I’m in being put on “hiatus” for December so they can “re-evaluate” and restart it in January.

I have to admit, I’m skeptical.

Perhaps they’ll truly come back with the program in January after they’ve tweaked the […]

How much to spend on a wedding ring?

I had budgeted $600 for a wedding ring. The fiance wants a shiny titanium number, so the fact that it isn’t gold greatly reduced the price on his ring.

But as I was doing my research, I realized that for what I wanted, $600 wasn’t happening. And it’s not for lack of trying. It’s […]