We’ve got rings

Maybe it was fate — but both of our wedding rings came in today, from two different sources.

Now, I’ll admit I feel guilty about the price disparity, but what he wanted and what I wanted were two completely different things!

I was showing him rings on Amazon a few months ago, to give him an idea what was out there — gold, silver, tungsten carbide, diamonds, plain, engraved. The whole spectrum. But what does he like? This shiny titanium model, pictured above. The price with tax and shipping? $56. Nope, not missing a zero.

Meanwhile, I was on a frantic search for a wedding ring that would follow the contour of my 3-stone engagement ring. A normal ring would leave a huge gap between it and the e-ring, and I didn’t want to wear the two rings on separate hands. But anything I found during my extensive Internet research didn’t work, or I didn’t like the look of it.

Finally, I went to a jeweler in our area (because I don’t like box stores and I figured our local merchants could use the business) and presented my dilemma. He pulled out a book of specially-curved diamond wedding rings, but only one matched my engagement ring. He offered to get it into his store so I could try it out.

It came in within days, and I went to check it out this morning. Verdict? It was super-sparkly and followed the contour of my ring almost perfectly. It wasn’t too wide, and despite the .55 carats of quality diamonds, it didn’t overpower my engagement ring.

He gave me a good deal and knocked about 33% off the original price, but it still cost me — uh, I mean the wedding fund — about $1,200. Versus my fiance’s $55. Bless his heart, he didn’t even blink when I first asked if it was too much to pay. I think perhaps I was waiting for him to say, “Oh no, babe, we can’t spend that much!” But he didn’t.

While I won’t be spending that much on jewelry ever again, I’m glad I found something I liked and at a cost that we didn’t disagree on.

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