$4 for the week?

So I have a whopping $4 in my wallet. I think I’ll leave those four Washingtons there and not add any friends, like Lincoln, Hamilton or Jackson, and see how long I can go! I know it’s another week until I have to fill up my gas tank, and I always use my debit card when paying for groceries on ShopRite Tuesdays, so I suppose it’s very possible I can make it until Friday.

Both of us have really become tightwads since we’ve gotten engaged! I don’t mind it for the time being, since we’re in extreme money-saving mode for at least another three months until the wedding. It will help us pad our down-payment fund, too.

I can’t say I miss spending money. Probably because I never really spent that much to begin with, except on dining out — which we keep to a minimum, maybe once every two weeks.

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