Foiled by ShopRite

I did my usual Tuesday grocery shopping this afternoon. I’d carefully arranged my coupons, clipped them to my shopping list and handed them over dutifully to the cashier upon checkout.

The good news: I saved 9 bucks in coupons alone; $18.10 total with club discounts, for aabout 14% off my order (I was shopping […]

Water, water everywhere …

… and not a drop to brush your teeth with.

Waking up yesterday morning to find there was no running water was a bit of a bummer, especially since we were going to his aunt’s house for an early Sunday dinner. We soon found out that a pipe had burst in the basement, covering the […]

Excessive postage

Who would have thought my single-panel wedding invitations (in regular-size rectangular envelopes) would require extra postage once stuffed with the response card and that envelope? It’s a good thing I had the invite weighed at the post office prior to buying all 42-cent stamps.

It’s a good thing they make these pretty 59-cent wedding-theme stamps […]

This winter is killing me

It’s a balmy 8 degrees in my zip code, according to, and I’m just not having it. Neither are our puny oil-filled heaters, which valiantly tried to maintain the temperature in here after we cranked up the real heat (just the third time since New Year’s Eve), but are failing hour by hour. Well, […]

365 Ways to Live Cheap

I came in to work a few weeks ago to a neat little find left on my chair by a co-worker (Thanks!). It’s a book called 365 Ways to Live Cheap by Trent Hamm over at The Simple Dollar, a blog I love. That co-worker certainly knew I was the one to give it to.


It’s here!

My wedding dress has finally arrived, after 5 1/2 long months. The hem and train were custom-length, so it took longer. I tried it on today and it looked just as beautiful as I hoped, and will only need to be taken in around the bodice. Perfect fit!

Then, the moment I was dreading — […]

Is an interest in personal finance hereditary?

Well, it may not be hereditary, but I think it definitely has soemthing to do with the examples set forth by family throughout your life. Thanks to my father, my brother and I have a healthy interest in personal finance and everyday cost-cutting measures such as shopping sales and using coupons. He also stresses how […]

$4 for the week?

So I have a whopping $4 in my wallet. I think I’ll leave those four Washingtons there and not add any friends, like Lincoln, Hamilton or Jackson, and see how long I can go! I know it’s another week until I have to fill up my gas tank, and I always use my debit card […]

Three-paycheck month

I’m more than happy to have three paychecks this month — we get paid biweekly, so it happens sometimes. Quite convenient for it to fall in January, after the rush of Christmas gifts and right before the wedding. I know it’s not actually true, but it feels like an extra paycheck, and that makes me […]

New year, new money issues

Tax season is upon usThe W-2s and the 1099s should start rolling in within a week or two. I’m not looking forward to doing my taxes — er, my dad doing my taxes — this year. While one of my freelance gigs considers me a part-time employee, 2008 found me taking on a few extra […]