Oil-filled heaters …

… are wonderful!

We can consistently keep our apartment at 68-70 degrees now, thanks to the second heater we bought. I’ve got the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom closed off, so the office area, living room and dining room (rooms that all run together) stay pretty darned comfortable.

I’ve been moving the one heater into the […]

Possible heating solution

Since we already had an oil-filled heater that we use for heating the living room and the bedroom instead of cranking on our money-sucking radiator-heat system, we decided to take a chance and buy a second one to supplement the first.

For $40, we picked up another one at Target today. Since our rooms are […]

Welcome, 2009

We rang in the New Year with some of our closest friends last night and lots of food. While 2008 was great for me personally — we got engaged and had a lot of fun overall — it was, suffice to say, a truly shitty year for personal finance. My 401(k)s were decimated (more like […]