Three-paycheck month

I’m more than happy to have three paychecks this month — we get paid biweekly, so it happens sometimes. Quite convenient for it to fall in January, after the rush of Christmas gifts and right before the wedding. I know it’s not actually true, but it feels like an extra paycheck, and that makes me happy! =)

Needless to say, it will go toward the wedding fund and paying down our honeymoon credit card debt. We did get hosed on the airfare for the honeymoon, since I incorrectly thought it would be better to book it before the sky-high fuel prices (gas was still around $4 a gallon in August) went even higher. The flights are pre-paid and nonrefundable, so we can’t take advantage of the lower airfare that’s out there right now. Oh well. If I could forecast that kind of stuff, I’d be a millionaire!

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