Tomorrow is bank day

Along with my usual Tuesday errands, I have to go “save” my money over at Citibank. I opened a CD with them a few years ago with an interest rate of 5.5%. That rate has dropped precipitously since then (even taking into consideration today’s economic climate) and was down to 1.24%. Shit, our wedding savings account gets 1.10%, and we have full access to the funds! So now that the CD has matured, I’m yanking that sucker and putting it into a CD that gets closer to 3%.

Sure, it’s a pain-in-the-neck process, but I think it’s totally worth the aggravation. That extra interest will only help to pad our future home down payment.

Sorry, Citibank. I don’t mean to add to your woes, but I gotta do what’s best for us!

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