Wedding shoes

After my BFF and I traipsed around half of North Jersey today (okay, just up to Parsippany and Willowbrook Mall in Wayne), all it took was a last-minute stop at Payless Shoe Source to find my wedding shoes.

I liked one pair at New York City Shoes in Parsippany, but I couldn’t justify spending $75 for shoes I would likely wear once — especially since they screamed “bride.”

Then we went into every shoe-carrying store at the mall, but also had no luck.

Finally, on the drive home, BFF remembers that Payless carries dyeable/special occasion shoes now. We figure we’ll stop since it’s literally a few blocks from the highway exit. And we hit the jackpot.

I wind up with this pair for a measly $25, 1/3 the price of the other ones I liked earlier in the day. They’re cute enough. I mean, honestly, who the hell is really going to see my shoes under the big, white puffy dress?

Too bad my wedding gown wasn’t as cheap as the shoes, haha. That was one of the two things I splurged on (my wedding ring was the other).

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