Verizon is on my shit list …

… and there’s nothing I can do about it until Monday morning. Which is probably a good thing, because they’d get an earful from me right about now.

Two weeks ago I blogged about dropping our landline service with Verizon. I figured instead of severing the line completely, I’d take the customer service rep’s suggestion […]

Cash for books

So I’m trying something I saw over on another PF blog (if it’s yours, let me know, I’m sorry I can’t find it now!). It’s a website called Cash4Books — you type in the book’s ISBN code, and it will tell you whether they will buy the book and if so, for how much.


Mending socks

Yes, I mend holes in my socks. I think it’s a perfect waste to throw away a sock with a small hole it it just because my big toe decided to go rogue.

I don’t darn the sock, since even I have my limits (darning is for larger holes), but if one of my cute […]

Where’s the bottom?

It doesn’t appear that the stock market is set to rebound anytime soon. The Dow Jones is at a six-year low, and still dropping today. It’s understandable — none of the news has been good lately.

Today, there’s talk of the federal government getting even further in involved in saving Citigroup — upping its […]

Staying in

Not that I’m complaining, but apparently, I’ve turned my fiance into a bigger homebody than I am. We could have gone out last night after a birthday party (for a 1-year-old), but we decided to stay in. Granted, I wasn’t feeling well and he was tired, but we also liked the idea of keeping money […]

Blog inadequacy?

Sometimes I feel like my little slice of personal finance isn’t too interesting to you, dear readers. We’re minimally in debt, don’t have a mortgage and continually save money every month. I don’t have any of those fancy-schmancy bean counter bars on the side of this blog (that’s mostly because I’m writing about my PF […]

Cheapening the honeymoon

I admit it, I’m cheap when it comes to spending money on myself. And my fiance shares most of my views when it comes to finance now that we’ve been budgeting and planning the wedding, so I suppose I could amend that statement to say that we’re cheap when it comes to spending money on […]

Successful Tuesday grocery shopping

Went to Pathmark for a change today, because they had more stuff that I needed on sale than ShopRite did.

I laughed when the cashier handed me my receipt and seemed amazed when she read me my total and my savings. “Your total was $74.29 and you saved $48.39!”

Granted, I only had $3.75 […]

Sushi and stuffed cupcakes

So there’s only 15 minutes or so left of Valentine’s Day 2009. Hope those who celebrated had fun!

We decided to splurge today. We went for an early sushi dinner at Aki in Bloomfield, which was delicious. I actually start to salivate soon after we order, in anticipation of the deliciousness about to please my […]

Tax time, finally

I still don’t have all of my 1099s (I thought they had to be sent out by January 31?), but I want to get going on filing my taxes.

Fiance’s taxes are simple — one W-2 and a couple 1099s from bank interest. Mine is messy — two W-2s and income coming not only from […]