Cash for books

So I’m trying something I saw over on another PF blog (if it’s yours, let me know, I’m sorry I can’t find it now!). It’s a website called Cash4Books — you type in the book’s ISBN code, and it will tell you whether they will buy the book and if so, for how much.

My interest was piqued. I have a ton of books I’ve collected that are just taking up space on my two big bookshelves, and I’d like to make room for some new ones. My friends and I swap books, but there are just some that I can’t find a new home for.

So for 12 books, they offered a total of $30.58, plus a 3% bonus for accepting payment through PayPal. Not only does Cash4Books buy your books, they provide a postage-paid label so you can ship the books via USPS Media Mail or FedEx. I also like that they donate a portion of their proceeds to

I sent out my box yesterday, and Media Mail takes up to 10 days. So I’ll keep you posted whether or not this is a legitimate deal!

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